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Clear Thoughts


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Clear thoughts aromatherapy incense includes natural essential oils of basil, patchouli, orange leaf, clove, rosemary, myrrh and nutmeg. Clears and clarifies the mind, sharpens memory and helps focus thoughts.

Therapeutical Maroma Spa incenses achieve an emotional blend from many oils. Research has shown that a blend of at least ten natural oils and resins produces rich Aromatherapy. These fragrance blends are similar in structure to fine perfumes, so they have a wonderful therapeutic effect.

YOne incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 30 minutes. Pack of 10 incense. A fair trade organic product, vegan. hakusanat: arom aroma aromat aromath aromathe aromather aromathera aromatherap aromatherapy spa fair orga organ organi organic vega vegan