<tc>Suitsukekauppa.fi loyalty program</tc>

In Suitsukekauppa's loyalty program, you can accumulate points in your account that earn you valuable benefits. You can accumulate points by creating a customer account in the online store and by completing tasks that accumulate points while logged into your customer account.

Regulations of the loyalty program


Suitsukekauppa has the right to change the content of the loyalty program. Changes will be announced on Suitsukekauppa.fi website. The loyalty campaign is valid until now.

Joining and introduction

You can become a regular customer in the online store by creating a customer account. It costs nothing to join and you can take advantage of the benefits of the loyalty program right from the moment you join. Registering in the online store automatically connects the customer to the loyalty program.

You can see the accumulated points by clicking on the reward program banner at the top of the page after logging in. Accumulated points do not expire.
You can find information about the loyalty program at this link.

Any person at least 18 years old can join Suitsukekauppa's loyalty program. The condition for joining is a working e-mail address to which the online store's customer account is connected.

Accumulating points

Points can be accumulated by performing points-accumulating activities logged in to your customer account. The points accumulated from product purchases are updated to the customer account when the order is paid. Points accumulated from product reviews are awarded when the review is published. Please note that only Product Reviews made through review requests sent by e-mail accumulate points in the loyalty program.

Customer information

Membership in the loyalty program requires the customer to have an email address in use, to which the online store membership is linked. In addition, for online store deliveries, the customer must provide address information and a mobile phone number for arrival notifications.

Customer information must be reported as correct and up-to-date. It is possible for the customer to change the address and phone number information themselves if they change. For changes to the email address or name data connected to the customer account, a change request must be made by email to customer service.

Membership in the loyalty program is personal. One person can only have one loyalty account. Customer accounts cannot be combined later if more than one loyal customer account has been created for the same person. To close an additional loyal customer account, a closing request must be made to customer service. Benefits accumulated on the additional customer account can be transferred to the remaining account, but purchase transactions cannot be transferred between accounts.