Information about us

Our mission is to make fragrances from around the world easily available and offer alternatives to traditional room fragrances. In addition to familiar and well-known fragrances, we offer more exotic flower and plant fragrances in easily approachable forms.

In addition to room fragrances, our selection has expanded to include decorative interior accessories with origins in Asia and the Middle East. The goal is to bring WOW experiences to the market with oriental interior accessories.



If possible, we choose manufacturers who are committed to the principles of fair trade as partners. Compliance with the principles of fair trade guarantees e.g. fair wages in the production chain, proper working conditions and compliance with exact environmental criteria.

In addition to fair trade, an important selection criterion is the partner's charity work. Most of our partners direct the profits from their activities, either partially or in full, to various charity projects. In India, influential partners work actively, e.g. at the following charity sites:

  • Providing free education to poor children
  • Stipends and grants to support education
  • Providing daily meals to the poor and disadvantaged
  • Promotion of personal hygiene level, medical care and health care
  • Promoting organic farming by training farmers
  • Jobs for unemployed adults in the surrounding areas
  • Social projects for the development of the surrounding environment


Our products mainly have a long journey to Finland. That's why we make the largest possible orders for manufacturers at a time and prefer sea transport instead of air freight. By doing this, the carbon footprint of transporting an individual product is as low as possible.

We recycle packaging materials and prefer packaging accessories made from renewable materials. We avoid using plastic as a packaging material whenever possible. We sort the waste into our own fractions and deliver them to the recycling point.

Since you receive all information related to your order from our online store electronically from the order confirmation, we do not print a receipt or packing list upon delivery. This is how we reduce the number of paper prints.

We believe that companies must bear their ethical and ecological responsibility. We pay attention to the needs of people and the environment in our operations, and we believe that the business world can operate according to ethical and ecological principles.


The online store has been in operation for over 15 years. It has been possible to achieve the company's long life through customer-oriented operations, offering customers safe products and continuous development of the service concept. Fast order processing time has always been a high priority. In addition, we have used only reliable and respected payment brokers in the processing of customers' payment transactions.

Objectives of the activity

Satisfied customer

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. We reach this goal by offering high-quality products and investing in the quality of customer service. Clear product sets together with an easy-to-use online store support a positive customer experience.

We handle all incoming calls and messages to our customer service on a personal level. We want the customer to feel that he is cared about and that his question is important.

Quality of service

Orders are delivered directly from our own warehouse in Lahti. We process orders every weekday, so the order is delivered no later than the next weekday. All orders are delivered as parcel services, which guarantees fast and reliable delivery times.

We invest a lot in our logistics to ensure high product availability and fast delivery times. At the same time, we are constantly developing our online store to ensure a smooth shopping experience.

We take into account the feedback received from customers when developing our service.

Orient Import Oy

Suitsukekauppa's background company is Orient Import Oy with registration number FI21080898. Orient Import Oy is a Finnish import, retail and wholesale company founded in 2008. By buying products from Suitsukekauppa, you support domestic entrepreneurship.

Suitsukekauppa started operating under the name Ethnic world trading company Ky in July 2007. Later that year, Orient Import Oy, focused on wholesale business, was established to support the company. In 2010, the companies' operations were merged and since then the operation has continued through Orient Import Oy.

The Suitsukekauppa's warehouse and office are located in Lahti. The company's e-mail address is and the phone number is 040 723 4428 on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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