Privacy statement

Register and data protection statement according to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Last updated 2.2.2023.


Administrator of the register and the person responsible for the register
Orient Import Oy (company ID: 2108089-8), Janne Toivonen, Kehräkatu 18, 15340 Lahti.

Contact information in matters concerning the register are the same as above, in addition tel.040 723 4428 and email

Processors of personal data

In the operation of Suitsukekaupa, the administrator of the register and the staff of the dispatch office process personal data.

Collection of personal data

Customers registered in the online store, customers who have placed an order, potential customers, subscribers to the newsletter and customers who review products or services are collected in the register. Potential customers are customers who have subscribed to the newsletter and customers whose purchase process has progressed up to the payment transaction and payment has been interrupted for one reason or another.

Purpose of personal data processing

The personal data of Suitsukekauppa's customer register is used for predefined purposes, which are order processing, customer relationship management and targeted marketing.

Predefined purposes in the processing of personal data:

  • Customer relationship management
  • Processing of orders / complaints
  • Information about our products and/or services and news
  • Communication related to the payment transaction

We keep the collected personal data for as long as is necessary for the processing basis.

Data content of the register

The following information about registered persons is collected in the register:

Contact information:

  • name
  • address
  • phone number
  • email address

Customer information:

  • Information about purchased products and services and the delivery and payment method chosen by the customer.

Regular sources of information

The registrar registers the information about Suitsukekauppa's customers that the user himself provides when registering as a customer of the online store, when evaluating products or services, and when placing an order in the online store. The e-mail address of the newsletter subscriber is saved. Wholesale customer information is collected from potential reseller companies' websites, search engine results, and information provided in mutual communications.

Regular Disclosures

Suitsukekauppa can authorize external partners or service providers to produce IT services, payment solutions or other digital services for Suitsukekauppa. As part of the performance of these services, Suitsukekauppa's partners, both inside and outside the EU and EEA, may have access to personal data.

We have ensured that our service providers comply with valid data protection legislation. We cooperate with the following service providers:

  • Shopify
  • Planet
  • Google
  • PayTrail, PayPal
  • Lemontree Oy
  • Packet shop, Posti

Register protection principles

Suitsukeupa's customer contact information is stored in the registrar's system, which is protected by security software. Access to the system requires entering a username and password. The system is protected by a firewall and other technical measures. Only certain, predefined employees authorized by the registrar are entitled to use the information contained in the register stored in the system. The information contained in the register is located in locked and guarded premises.

Duration of processing

Data is kept until the customer requests its deletion or deletes the data themselves if possible. A person registered on our marketing list can unsubscribe himself via the link in every marketing e-mail we send, or request deletion by sending an e-mail request to our customer service.

Registrant's Rights

The registrant has the following rights, the requests for using which must be made either in writing or electronically to the addresses mentioned above.

  • The registered person has the right to prohibit the controller from processing information about him/her for direct advertising, distance sales and other direct marketing. The ban must be addressed to the person responsible for registry matters.
  • The registered person has the right to request the deletion of the data if the processing of the data is not necessary. We will process the request, after which we will either delete the data or provide a justified reason why the data cannot be deleted. It should be noted that the controller may have a statutory or other right not to delete the requested information.
  • The registered person has the right to check the information about himself stored in the register and to receive copies of it. The inspection request should be addressed to the person responsible for registry matters.
  • The registered person can ask to correct incorrect or incomplete information about him. The rectification request must be addressed to the person responsible for registry matters, and it must both justify and identify exactly what information the customer requires to be rectified. The request should state what the customer thinks is the correct information and how he thinks the correction should be made.


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