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Aromatika proudly stands out as a clean and comprehensive manufacturer. Aromatika is a manufacturer of a wide range of high-quality natural products, from organic beauty products to incense and Indian handicrafts.

Aromatika's vision is to develop into a diverse organization that produces only safe and high-quality products for people to use. This is achieved by using innovative processes and only organic ingredients. The vision is to significantly influence the growth of the natural product market, where safe and environmentally conscious products last. Aromatika wants to be centrally involved in all products related to organic beauty and other aromatic products.

Aromatika offers a wide range of high quality incense.


Auroshikha started making incense in 1973 in a small village near Auroville. In the early days, the company's mission was to provide job opportunities for adults and high-quality education for children.

Auroshikha, a manufacturer of high-quality incense, is part of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram organization (Pondicherry, India), which supports e.g. education in South India. All their products are manufactured according to IFRA (International Fragrance Association) regulations.

Auroshikha is known not only in India but worldwide for the quality of its products and services. Auroshikha products are sold in more than 26 countries around the world.


On the domestic Frantsila organic farm, the center of activity is regenerative farming, where carbon dioxide is tied to the soil. The most important thing is that the land is modified as little as possible. Continuous deep plowing brings soil microbiota to the surface where the sun destroys it. Living soil becomes impoverished and releases carbon dioxide. That's why it's important to keep the fields covered with plants: the bare ground is not exposed to the sun and the nutrients are not lost in rain.

Frantsila's goal is to cultivate in a way that enriches the soil instead of impoverishing it.

"We want to create flourishing ecosystems where both people and insects thrive. Carbon farming improves the structure of the soil, increases diversity, prevents erosion and combats climate change - and at the same time enables larger yields and more nutrient-dense plants, from which we obtain particularly effective, phytotherapeutically active substances, which we use as raw materials for our products."

Goloka Seva Trust

Goloka Seva Trust is known worldwide as a non-profit organization that donates its profits to charity. Incense are made in southern India in Bangalore. Goloka donates the profits received from its activities to e.g. to the following destinations:

  • Akshaya Patra Foundation, which distributes mid-day meals to uneducated children
  • Teaching and vocational training for the widows of Vrindava in making incense
  • Helping poor students with grants and scholarships

The beauty of the Goloka Seva Trust is that 100% of the proceeds are donated to charity while you enjoy the quality Goloka fragrances.

Hem Corporation

Despite its relatively young age, Hem Corporation is one of the most famous Indian incense manufacturers. All incense are handmade, under strict quality control. Hem pays particular attention to product testing and development in order to get the best end result.

In the 2000s, Hem corporation has won the Indian export award as the best manufacturer five times in the category of fragrant crafts. In addition, the manufacturer has been awarded a certificate of merit four times for exporting to Western countries.


Maroma's high-quality products are manufactured in Auroville, a working community located in West India. The work community consists of adults, mostly women, who are offered health care services, training and food in addition to a clean and comfortable working environment. 45% of Maroma's income is invested in the development of Auroville and its nearby villages.

The products manufactured by Maroma have been awarded by the World Fair Trade organization (WFTO), the Fair Trade Forum of India (Fair Trade Forum of India) and IFRA (International Fragrance association ) certificates.


Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (Satya)

One of the most famous incense manufacturers in the world. All the company's incense are made by hand from the best raw materials with almost half a century of expertise. Nag Champa incense, which has received a lot of worldwide recognition, is an absolute long-term favorite of this manufacturer.

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