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<tc>7 chakras Incense, Hem</tc>

<tc>7 chakras Incense, Hem</tc>

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Hem 7 chakras incense is a small assortment of incense with a 7 chakra theme. The package contains seven different smaller incense packages, each of which contains five incense.

Each fragrance corresponds to a chakra center in the body:

Root (muladhara)

Sacral (svadhishthana)

Solar plexus (manipura)

Heart (anahata)

Throat (vishuddha)

Third eye (drive)

Crown (sahastrara)

Each package contains 5 incense, so there are a total of 35 incense in the package. Includes chakra colors, symbols and description. search words: hem incense variety seven chakra

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