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Super assortment

Super assortment

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Suosittujen suitsukepakettien lajitelma

The super assortment is made up of Suitsukekauppa's most popular incense. In addition, the price of the assortment has been turned into an attractively affordable one. Now getting to know the best quality incense is as easy as possible!

There are two different basic versions of the assortment. In addition, you can choose popular Palo santo wood sticks and an incense holder.


Product options of the assortment:

Nag Champa incense is famous for its charming floral fragrance that lingers after the incense is extinguished. This incense is the most popular in the world.

Satya natural is a great incense, where earthy aromas blend beautifully with a fresh, natural and slightly spicy fragrance.

Palo Santo incense cleans and refreshes the atmosphere and creates a calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Super Hit has quickly followed the path indicated by nag champa to become one of the world's most popular incense. Incense has a delightfully soft, sweet and aromatic fragrance.

Nag champa incense manufactured by Goloka is known worldwide for its light and earthy fragrance. The incense has a unique blend of resin and essential oils of herbs and flowers. A deep and pleasant fragrance suitable for every moment.

Goloka Natures Nest incense is a high-quality masala-based incense with a very pleasant smell.

Natures Parijatha incense is a pleasant-smelling incense, the production of which uses a unique mixture of rare herbs, flowers, honey, resins and oils.

Pure Darshana incense is a high-quality incense made with the traditional masala method, with a very pleasant smell.

Pure Aura incense is a high-quality incense made with the traditional masala method, with a very pleasant smell.

Palo santo has a strong sweet and tart aroma.

Ski model incense holder made in India. The holder is made of mango wood and has brass inlays with small stars in addition to the larger symbol.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Eero Jukuri
Mahetsuja Mystisiä Taianomaisia Mielikuvituksia herättäviä Tuoksutushajutsuja.

Suorastaan Huiiikeita tuoksutushajutsua.

Emma Hiekkanen
Super Lajitelma

Tosi nopea postitus ja Super lajitelmasta löytyy ihania tuoksuja aloittelevalla suitsukkeiden polttelijalle.

Taavet Güldenkoh

Mystinen kauppa, Nopea toimitus, laatu suitsukkeita, Laaja valikoima. Kyllä se viisi tähteä pitää antaa. Kiitos!


Hyvä tuoksijen maailma, vähän laidasta laitaan kaikki miellyttäviä

Super lajitelma

Hyvä paketti alkuun. On miedompaa ja vahvempaa tuoksua valmiiksi samassa paketissa.