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<tc>Palo Santo tree</tc>

<tc>Palo Santo tree</tc>

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Responsibly produced Palo Santo. The production has the approval of the Peruvian government and the indigenous peoples of Peru are also involved in the production.

The production uses naturally fallen tree trunks and naturally fallen dried branches. The wooden parts are allowed to dry for a few years before the actual production.

During drying, the wood's characteristic scent becomes stronger.

Instructions for use

A Palo Santo stick is lit from the end and burns from a few seconds to minutes. You can let the flame run down by itself or blow it out.

After lighting, the smoldering piece of wood can be placed on a fire-resistant surface and allowed to go out on its own. Repeat the ignition if necessary.

Chips is easiest to burn with coals in a fireproof container, such as a cauldron.

Smoking Palo Santo creates a sweet and resinous aroma.

Aito, luontainen Palo santo puun pala Perun sademetsästä

Palo Santo (bursera graveolens) is a typical tree in Central America. It is called the "holy tree" because it blooms at Christmas time and has a strong natural aroma.

Palo Santo is used in meditation, cleaning and elevating the body's energy flows, and protection against negative energies.


Palo Santo options

  • Wood sticks, 50g
  • Wood sticks, 25g
  • Coarse grits, 50g
  • Loose pieces, 15g
  • Loose pieces, 500g
  • Loose pieces, 1kg

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Arja Vilen

Ihana tuoksu, olen tyytyväinen . Lähetin tyttärellenikin palan ja hän tykkäsi myös.


Todella miellyttävän tuoksuinen, jota mielellään polttaa useamminkin. Ei jää kitkerää tuoksua kuten valkoisesta salviasta.


This wood has a beautiful scent when smouldering, it is quite unique and seems to enhance a nice relaxing atmosphere in the space where I use it. It is perfectly cured although after extinguishing the flame in order for it to smolder the smoke does not last all that long before going out completely but due to the quantity of smoke emitted before that point it is not an issue for me. I find this to he also good value for money and so I will be back!


HAluan tietää , mitä käytän. Palo santo-puutikku on sitä miltä se näyttääkin eli aitoa. Jatkoon :)

Hyvä omintakeinen tuoksu ja yhdestä tikusta polttaa moneen kertaan

Tuoksu hieman pihkainen, hieman savuinen ja lämmin. On ehdoton lemppari talvisina iltoina!