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Shrinivas Sugandhalaya (Satya)

Palo santo Incense, Satya

Palo santo Incense, Satya

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What is masala incense?

Incenses made using the traditional masala method are the most famous Indian incense. They often contain naturally fragranted ingredients such as herbs, flowers and resins. Incense are rolled by hand and the fragranted ingredients are mixed into a mass that is rolled around a bamboo stick.

Masala incense are finer in structure and may also burn more unevenly, but they are still among the best quality incense in the world.

The fragrance of masala incense is often strong and their burning time is about 30-45 minutes. The fragrance of masala incense creates an atmosphere that is hard to compare with others.

Satya Palo santo incense is a mystical fragrance that takes on a whole new meaning in the Indian spiritual context. This spiritually significant fragrance is designed to support meditation and prayer. Palo santo cleans, refreshes and creates a calm and soothing atmosphere.


Palo Santo options

Masala 16gr

The package size of stick-shaped incense is 16 grams, the number of incense varies between 10-15. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 30-45 minutes.

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Wholesale lot (Masala 12 pcs)

The wholesale lot contains 12 incense packages. A larger purchase batch aimed at retailers and large consumers. search words: fire safety

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

The Pako Santo is a relatively new thing for me, I love burning the wood and it's interesting to notice how different the oil, incense and wood are from one another. The wood is so interesting and powerful and earthy the oil has a clean fresh scent and the incense in my opinion is also fresh but softer and more mellow than the wood and oil.

Nice fresh scent

After enjoying the oil palo santo i thought i would try the incense, nice clean fragrance

Aivan mahtava!

Siskoni suositteli minulle Palo Santoa ensimmäistä kertaa ikinä joten tilasin ja kokeilin sitä. Heti ensitöikseni suitsukkeet saatuani poltin yhtä, kävelin huoneesta toiseen, putsaten ja siunaten kodin.

Tuoksu, palamattomana, on todella ihana ja palaessaankin tuoksu on yksi ihanimmista joita olen ikinä suitsukkeesta haistanut! Tuoksusta tulee mieleen vain savun tuoksu kesäiltana ja jälkituoksuna tulee hiukan "kitkerämpi" tuoksu. Kuin joku kitkerä villi kesäkukka yms.

Suosittelen tätä todella suurella lämmöllä! Itse rakastuin tuotteeseen heti! Kiitos! :D