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<tc>Three kings Incense, Aromatika</tc>

<tc>Three kings Incense, Aromatika</tc>

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Aromatika three kings incense is a popular fragrance to support meditation and yoga and to produce a pleasant fragrance.

Three Kings incense is one of the most famous incense blends. The incense was created as a tribute to the three wise men in the Bible and their wisdom. Incense is commonly used in connection with prayers and in spiritual events.


Three kings options

Incense resin, 50g

Incense resin is burned with coals in a fireproof vessel, for example a cauldron. The resin can also be mixed with plant-based oil in the fragrance oil burner cup and vaporized using a small candle.

Read more information about incense resin and instructions for use in our blog.

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