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Incense burner, Cauldron

Incense burner, Cauldron

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A fire-resistant cauldron made of cast iron for burning incense. The perfect base for, for example, incense resin, dried herbs and palo santo. The cauldron stands firmly on three legs, and the cauldron can also be hung from the handle to hang. With the lid, you can easily suffocate the burning incense, which brings additional comfort.


Operating instructions

Initial preparations

The basic idea of ​​using a cauldron is to fill the cauldron about halfway with fine sand or small stones to trap the heat generated by the burning coals. After this, you can place incense coal, a handful of ordinary grill coals or briquettes in the remaining space. Larger amounts of coal can be ignited most easily with lighters such as that stove, lighters or easily ignited incense charcoal. When the coals in the cauldron are glowing red, the cauldron is ready for use.

Burning incense

When the coals are glowing hot, incense to be burned is dispensed onto the glowing coals in small doses at a time. Larger palo Santo pieces, coarser incense resin, as well as dried herbs ground into a small powder and so on, burn perfectly with hot coals.

More information

Read more information about incense resin and instructions for use in our blog.

Large and medium-sized cauldrons are large in size and weigh several kilos. Such cauldrons can hold a lot of coal at a time, which ensures a long burning time. Small cauldrons hold less material and weigh around 800 grams.

Because of its size, the cauldron is also an excellent interior decoration element.


Indicative size table for cauldrons:

  • Big

Height / width about 22cm, weight 5.5kg.

  • Medium size - Tree of life

Height 19cm, width 17cm, weight 3kg.

  • Small - Pentagram

Height 11cm, width 10cm, weight 300g.

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