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Incense charcoal

Incense charcoal

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Helposti syttyvä suitsukehiili pihkalle, yrteille ja bakhoorille

Incense charcoals for burning incense resin, herbs and bakhoor incense. 10 pieces of carbon tablets in the package.


Charcoal packaging options

Swift lite


Operating instructions

Hold the edge of the charcoal with, for example, tongs and start lighting from the edge. The charcoal may spark a little when it ignites, then place the charcoal on a fire-resistant surface. Wait about 5-10 minutes until the charcoal is glowing red all over.

When the charcoal is glowing red-hot, place the combustible material on the charcoal in small portions.

Read more information about incense resin and usage instructions on our blog.

Take care of fire safety!

Even if charcoal does not produce smoke, it may still glow red-hot. After use, make sure that the charcoal is completely extinguished and the temperature of the charcoal has dropped. You can make sure the charcoal is extinguished by dipping the charcoal in water.

Never leave a glowing charcoal unattended!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Best carbon discs

These are the best discs imo, sturdy enough to snap in half if u don't want a load of smoke for a long time, otherwise lasts a while and produces a lot of smoke after heating properly with your resin dropped on top. Good value .

Work well!

These do the job just fine, they heat up easy and last for a good while.

Erik Siekkinen
Perus hiili

Syttyy helposti ja nopeasti. Tuoksahtaa vähän savulle, mutta niin nämä yleensä ovat. Palamisaika ok. Perushiili, osta isompi koko sillä helpompi polttaa suitsukkeita.


Mielestäni ei niin hyvä kuin Swits laite nämä ovat myös hieman pienempiä mutta ajavat kyllä asiansa.


Olisi hyvä, jos olisivat vähän isompia. Tällein pitkään käytettynä saa koko ajan olla siistimässä ja laittamassa lisää pihkaa, kun ei kauheasti mahdu. Muuten laatu ihan ok.