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<tc>Sandalwood assortment</tc>

<tc>Sandalwood assortment</tc>

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The Sandalwood assortment is especially for sandalwood lovers. The fragrance of sandalwood is highly valued in many cultures and has traditionally been used to support purification, meditation and rituals. The assortment contains the fragrance of sandalwood in four different variations.

The assortment has a total of 80 incense sticks and includes the following incenses:

The holy and pleasantly gentle aroma of sandalwood creates a serene atmosphere.

Sandal king incense is a refreshing sandalwood fragrance. The fragrance of sandalwood can help you relax and find inner balance.

Sandal vanilla incense has an enchantingly refreshing fragrance. Immerse yourself in the cleansing effect of sandalwood and the creamy sweet fragrance of vanilla.

Precious Chandan is a rich sandalwood fragrant incense from the prestigious precious line. Since the famous Vedic times of India, sandalwood has held a valuable position in the world of fragrances.

One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes.

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