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Sandal Incense, Hem

Sandal Incense, Hem

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What is backflow?

Backflow incense are hollow incense cones pressed into shape.

Burning incense releases hot air in the form of smoke, but the air stays cooler in the cavity inside the cone. The smoke flows beautifully downwards and this type of incense is designed to be burned in its own special holder.

Place the backflow incense on the top of the holder and light the incense as usual. Let the incense burn on the flame for a while and then blow out the flame.

Enjoy the smooth flow of smoke along with the atmospheric fragrance.

Hem Sandal incense is an ancient sandalwood fragrance. The fragrance of sandalwood is highly valued in many cultures and has traditionally been used to support purification, meditation and rituals. The holy and pleasantly gentle aroma of sandalwood creates a serene atmosphere.

Sandal options


The Hexa package contains 20 incense. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes.


The package contains 40 pieces backflow incense. The burning time of one incense is about 30-45 minutes. Backflow incense is designed to be burned in its own dedicated incense holder.

Availability in assortments:

Wholesale lot (Hexa 6pcs)

The wholesale lot contains 6 incense packages. A larger purchase batch aimed at retailers and large consumers. search words: sandalwood meditation meditation meditation sandalwood sandalwood

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