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<tc>Incense holder, Coffin</tc>

<tc>Incense holder, Coffin</tc>

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Coffin-style incense holder made in India with places for two stick-style incense sticks. The holder has two extinguishing containers, which can also be used for burning cone incense. At the bottom of the holder there is a convenient storage compartment for incense.

The coffin holder is a beautiful decorative element when the incense is burning, when the smoke curls create a creative atmosphere as they rise through the holes in the lid.


Incense holder options

  • Sun and moon
  • Elephant
  • Ganesha
  • Sanded
  • The rope
  • Om
  • Peace
  • Star
  • Yin yang
  • Outdated

The outdated incense holder is a manufacturing defect, but a usable product. A manufacturing defect can be, for example, in the lid mechanism so that the lid does not close properly or cleanly. There may also be missing brass inlays according to the theme, or if the coffin is painted, the paint finish may be uneven.

The theme of the product cannot be influenced when making a purchase decision.

Outdated incense holders are sold at clearance prices and the product is not returnable.

The incense holder is made of cedar wood and has different symbols in brass inlays. incense holder


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Customer Reviews

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Juuri sellainen kuin kuvissa ja kestävä :)

Jenni Lehtinen
Suitsuketeline arkku

Tässä suitsuke arkussa oli tehty suitsuketta varten reiät liian ylös,jolloin suitsuke jää koholle ylöspäin,kun sen laittaa siihen. Kantta ei voi sulkea ollenkaan. Harmittaa.

Täydellinen teline suitsukkeille

Arkku on täydellinen ja erittäin jämäkkää puuta 😍 Ei ikinä uskoisi 10€ tuotteeksi. Isot suositukset kaupalle , ja kiitos yllätys suitsukepakkauksesta ❤️