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Goloka seva trust

<tc>Frankincense Incense, Goloka</tc>

<tc>Frankincense Incense, Goloka</tc>

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Frankincense resin usage instructions

Resin incense is burned using hot coals in a fire-proof container, for example cauldron or a ceramic fragrance oil burner.

A smokeless alternative is to mix resin incense with a neutral plant-based oil and vaporize it using a small candle and a Fragrance oil burner.

Read more information about incense resin and instructions for use in our blog.

More information about Goloka

Goloka is a manufacturer known for its quality, which donates the profits from its operations to charity. The handmade incense are non-toxic and nature-friendly, and no child labor or animal testing has been used in the production.

Goloka Frankincense incense is an indescribably exotic fragrance. Frankincense incense comes from the Boswellia sacra tree from Somalia and India.

The fragrance produced by incense can act as a protection, purifier, spiritual awareness and to fight depression. Many denominations have used frankincense mixed with oils to anoint both old and new members as a rite of passage for new stages of spiritual life.

Frankincense is believed to have been the incense mentioned in the Bible, which the wise men of the East gave to the newborn baby Jesus.


Frankincense options

Frankincense resin, 30g

The package contains 30g of incense resin. Packed in a packaging made of recycled cardboard.

Goloka incense resins produce holy smoke and a pleasant aroma that cleanses negative energies, connects us to higher consciousness and spiritual realms, and surrounds us with a higher vibration. Fragrance is also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic body.

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