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Goloka seva trust

<tc>Benzoin Incense, Goloka</tc>

<tc>Benzoin Incense, Goloka</tc>

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Frankincense resin usage instructions

Resin incense is burned using hot coals in a fire-proof container, for example cauldron or a ceramic fragrance oil burner.

A smokeless alternative is to mix resin incense with a neutral plant-based oil and vaporize it using a small candle and a Fragrance oil burner.

Read more information about incense resin and instructions for use in our blog.

More information about Goloka

Goloka is a manufacturer known for its quality, which donates the profits from its operations to charity. The handmade incense are non-toxic and nature-friendly, and no child labor or animal testing has been used in the production.

Goloka Benzoin incense is a vanilla-like, inspiring and soul-warming fragrance. Benzoin is a common ingredient in incense and perfumes.


Benzoin options

Incense resin, 30g

The package contains 30g of incense resin. Packed in a packaging made of recycled cardboard. Incense resin comes from the Styrax tonkinensis tree growing in the Gulf of Siam.

Goloka incense resins produce holy smoke and a pleasant aroma that cleanses negative energies, connects us to higher consciousness and spiritual realms, and surrounds us with a higher vibration. Fragrance is also used to heal, balance and protect our physical and energetic body.
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Customer Reviews

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My absolute favourite resin/gum!

I love this stuff! So much so that I experimented by making a fine powder out of it via a coffee bean grinder so I can administer more precisely this gum and mix with other resins easily too. It's sweet and soft to my nostrils, so nice.