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<tc>The fragrance Atlas</tc>

<tc>The fragrance Atlas</tc>

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The fragrance atlas takes you on a journey around the world with fragrances. Flowers, trees, spices and oils have always been part of people's everyday life and well-being, as well as precious trade goods. The most valuable raw materials are one more special than the other, such as heartwood destroyed by bacteria, whale intestinal secretions, or the seed home of a vanilla orchid that blooms for one day once a year.

Working different raw materials into perfume is a science that requires patience and skill, but also an art where the only limit is the perfumer's imagination. Inspiration has been sought from oases in deserts, rainforests and fresh lake landscapes in the north. Wonderful fragrances have also been inspired by art treasures, myths and stories, and love.

The fascinating cultural historical work presents 65 fragrances and takes the reader on a sensual journey with its wonderful illustrations. Licentiate in Political Science Ari Turunen is a non-fiction writer who specializes in customs and cultural history.

Please note that the back of the book is bound open in the oriental way. This way the book opens perfectly and the book's illustration gets its due.

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