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<tc>Torus flower, Wind spinner</tc>

<tc>Torus flower, Wind spinner</tc>

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Usage tips and ideas

  • Indoor air conditioning can move the wind spinner if it is located near an air conditioning duct, air heat pump or other fan.


  • Open ventilation windows also create air currents that can move wind spinner.


  • Many people install a wind spinner in the garden so they can watch the spinner's spin with the wind.


  • Wind spinners can also act as repellents for insects and small animals, as the spinner rotate with the wind and flicker in the sunlight.

Torus flower is a stylish rotating wind spinner. The material is stainless steel, which is very durable. Modern design and reflective finish.

The wind spinner can be suspended so that the rings on different levels in the spinner rotate with the air flow. The rotating movement of the rings brings the symbol in the center of the spinner to life in a new way.

A perfect decoration in any room, balcony, terrace, cottage...

The diameter of the wind spinner is 20cm.

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