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<tc>Dream catcher, Tapestry</tc>

<tc>Dream catcher, Tapestry</tc>

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We recommend hand washing by soaking the fabric in hand-warm water and gently scrubbing dirty areas with detergent.

The fabric can also be washed in a washing machine with a hand wash program at a low temperature and separately from other washable fabrics.

The first washes do not fade much the colors of the fabric, instead the colors used in the fabric can be emphasized and thus the contrast of the fabric may  increase. As the number of washes increases, dark colors may fade and the surface of the fabric may become slightly linty.

Dream Catcher tapestry is a wonderful hand-printed large mandala fabric with a stylish dream catcher themed design.

The original purpose of the dream catcher is to filter out bad dreams and thoughts. Good dreams and thoughts, on the other hand, get through the dream catcher. The gatekeeper is represented by the spider grandmother (creator of the world) who wove a web to ward off bad dreams. The dream catcher is hung above the bed. It is said to ward off bad dreams and attract good dreams.

Made in India, material 100% cotton.

The multi-purpose large fabric is suitable for its size, for example as a bedspread for a double bed, tablecloth, tapestry, curtain or even a picnic blanket. The fabric is also great for protecting furniture, such as sofas or armchairs.

The tapestry is recommended to be aired outdoors before use.


Dream Catcher options

  • Black / Multicolor, 240 x 210cm

The tapestry is dominated by a black base color and a pattern printed with multicolored tiedye technology.

  • Tiedye / Black, 240 x 210cm

The tapestry is dominated by the base color dyed with the multi-colored tiedye technique and the pattern printed in black.

  • Turquoise / Brown, 208 x 147cm

The tapestry is dominated by the base color dyed with the tiedye technique and the pattern printed in black. The size of the fabric is approximately 208 x 147cm. search words: wall fabric wall fabrics wall cloth wall clothing Mandala fabric bedspread blanket dream catcher dream catcher dreamcatcher

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Tuuletuksen jälkeen aivan mahtava seinällä tai päiväpeittona, hyvälaatuinen kangas joka on paksumpi/laadukkaampi kuin odotin.


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Dream catcher seinävaate

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