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<tc>Salt lamp, Flower of life</tc>

<tc>Salt lamp, Flower of life</tc>

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The Flower of life salt lamp is an atmospheric and soothing colored lamp. The lamp is a great addition to the interior and is relaxing to look at. The lamp also has health benefits to mention.

Himalayan salt is one of the oldest salts on earth and it is very pure. The salt in the salt lamp reacts to light and heat, causing the salt lamp to release negative ions into the room air.

Negative ions bind to impurities floating in the room air, i.e. positive ions. In this way, the impurities floating in the room air are reduced, and thus the room air is easier to breathe thanks to the salt lamp. Salt lamps are indeed popular with allergy sufferers and asthmatics.


Flower of life Salt lamp options


The weight of the salt lamp is about 5kg and the diameter is about 20 cm. The lamp comes with a small wooden stand, a lamp bulb and an electrical cord to be connected to the mains plug. A five-kilogram lamp has free delivery!



The weight of the salt lamp is about 1kg and the size is about 13 x 10 cm. The lamp has a USB connection, so it can be easily connected to a computer's USB bus or a wall socket using a USB adapter.


Flower of life

The flower of life is often called an "all-encompassing" symbol, as it contains all aspects of the universe. The flower of life is a symbol according to sacred geometry. In the case of the flower of life, this is depicted by 19 circles surrounded by two larger ones.

The flower of life can be found in several cultures: the symbol is known, for example, in Christianity and ancient Egypt. In addition, the flower of life is a well-known symbol in all kinds of spiritual movements.

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Customer Reviews

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Happy about the product

Finally found smaller version of light, pretty shape and beautiful flower pattern.
It will be perfect if can be improved about the packing. USB charger packed against the salt light, it rusts the charger head a little bit, luckily still work normally . Overall , satisfied about this purchased.