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<tc>Camphor Room fragrance, Sac</tc>

<tc>Camphor Room fragrance, Sac</tc>

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Sac Camphor room fragrance imitates the fragrance of the camphor plant. Camphor has many useful properties and is used, among other things, as a perfume, in medicine, in religious celebrations and to repel insects. A great alternative to eucalyptus if eucalyptus feels too strong.


Camphor options

Fragrance oil, 10ml

Sandesh Agarbathi Co. (Sac) fragrance oils are great alternatives to incense when you want to create an atmosphere in a room with fragrances. Fragrance oils are suitable diluted with water for vaporization in fragrance lanterns, vaporizers and diffusers, fragrance bags and potpourri.

Not suitable for internal consumption or for the skin. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

Package size 10ml. search words: camphor

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Customer Reviews

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Not my thing

I was intrigued to try this camphor just because it has been widely utilised throughout history in many ways but it has a pungent odour which I just do not like. It has some musky essence which I like however this is accompanied by a smell I would describe as moldy , but that's just me, try for yourself and see. It may be useful when creating problems your own scent as a base with which to use as body for other scents to build on.