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<tc>California white sage Room fragrance, Goloka</tc>

<tc>California white sage Room fragrance, Goloka</tc>

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More information about Goloka

Goloka is a manufacturer known for its quality, which donates the profits from its operations to charity. The handmade incense are non-toxic and nature-friendly, and no child labor or animal testing has been used in the production.

Goloka California white sage room fragrance creates a positive and balanced atmosphere and neutralizes unpleasant odors.

White sage is a sacred herb that has been used for centuries in various ceremonies. White sage has a strong spicy fragrance.


California white sage options

Fragrance oil, 10ml

Goloka fragrance oils are great alternatives to incense due to their cleaner fragrance. It is easy to adjust the intensity of the fragrance by dosing the fragrance oil according to the desired intensity.

Usages: fragrance lanterns, diffusers, potpourri, dried flowers and so on. We recommend about 5 drops of fragrance oil in a bowl of fragrance lantern water. Not suitable for skin or internal consumption.

Package size 10ml, made in India. search words: white sage

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Customer Reviews

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Lovely room fragrance

I love this White Sage in the oil burner / diffuser, I like to mix it with some palo santo to keep the spirits in good order or alternatively mix with some cypress oil to spice it up a bit although on its own it has its own character it is kind of hard to describe but if I had to I would call it a balanced slightly sweet herbal tinged full bodied scent with a light top to it so it does give the space a nice atmosphere imo.

Tosi hyvä tuoksu

Yksi lemppareista👍🏼