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<tc>French perfume Room fragrance, Auroshikha</tc>

<tc>French perfume Room fragrance, Auroshikha</tc>

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French perfume options

Fragrance sticks, 25ml

Package contents:

  • French perfume fragrance liquid, 25ml
  • Narrow-necked container, made of ceramic clay
  • Bamboo sticks about 8 pcs

Fragrance sticks are a very effective way to add fragrance to a room. Since they are flameless, they are completely safe and easy to use.

Pour about half of the contents of the bottle into a ceramic/glass container with a narrow neck. Place 4-5 reeds in the container, apart from each other. The reeds have pores that allow the oil to soak up, releasing the scent into the surrounding air.

The reed can be turned upside down, for example, once a week. The smell will continue to spread as long as there is oil left in the container. When the sticks are completely saturated, their ability to spread the fragrance is reduced and they must be replaced with new ones.

For external use only. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid contact with skin, eyes. Store in a cool, dry place.


Auroshikha natural essential oils

Auroshikha uses the aromatic properties of plants to promote relaxation and well-being. Pure natural essential oils are extracted from plant petals, seeds, fruits, roots and barks.

Essential oils increase the energy of life with their therapeutic properties and help restore the balance of body and mind. They stimulate natural defense mechanisms and can promote healing on both a physical and emotional level.

Although essential oils are lovely and soothing, they are very concentrated liquids and meant to be diluted before use. Please note that Auroshikha essential oils are intended for external use only. Please keep out of reach of small children.

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