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<tc>Lantern, large</tc>

<tc>Lantern, large</tc>

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Handmade metal large lantern for small candles or led strips. With the lantern, you can create an atmospheric environment in your home.

The lantern is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The inside of the lantern has a glass lining, thanks to which the candle burns in the lantern even in windier weather. The lantern can be hung from a ring to hang, for example, on the terrace.

Even without light, the lantern is a very beautiful element for the interior. Eastern decorations and symbols are wonderfully old-fashioned, but in this lantern they have been given a fresh new look.

Beautiful and timeless lanterns are great mood creators for dark evenings. The lantern can be placed on a table or hung from a ring. Decorative symbols and texts come to life in a new way when the light shines from inside the lantern.

The size of the lantern is approximately 11 x 11 x 32cm. The lantern is available with different themes, choose from your menu.


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The lantern's decorative symbols aim for wealth, well-being and happiness. In addition, the lantern is decorated with words about happiness and prosperity.


The decorative symbols of the lantern are the crescent moon, pentagram and fairy. In addition, the lantern is decorated with theme words related to magic.

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