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Tribal soul

<tc>Tribal soul White sage Lavender Incense</tc>

<tc>Tribal soul White sage Lavender Incense</tc>

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What is masala incense?

Incenses made using the traditional masala method are the most famous Indian incense. They often contain naturally fragranted ingredients such as herbs, flowers and resins. Incense are rolled by hand and the fragranted ingredients are mixed into a mass that is rolled around a bamboo stick.

Masala incense are finer in structure and may also burn more unevenly, but they are still among the best quality incense in the world.

The fragrance of masala incense is often strong and their burning time is about 30-45 minutes. The fragrance of masala incense creates an atmosphere that is hard to compare with any other incense.

What backflow?

Backflow incense are hollow incense cones pressed into shape.

Burning incense releases hot air in the form of smoke, but the air stays cooler in the cavity inside the cone. The smoke flows beautifully downwards and this type of incense is designed to be burned in its own special holder.

Place the backflow incense on the top of the holder and light the incense as usual. Let the incense burn on the flame for a while and then blow out the flame.

Enjoy the smooth flow of smoke along with the atmospheric fragrance.

Tribal soul White sage Lavender incense comes from the Salvia Apiana plant and lavender. White sage is a plant of the mint family that is used as incense. For centuries, early cultures have started ceremonial events and sessions by burning a bundle of dried white sage leaves.

Lavender is well known for its medicinal properties as well as its protective and cleansing powers. Lavender symbolizes purity and cleanliness. It smooths and calms people by restoring emotional balance. It also opens the heart chakra and attracts loving energy.

Fresh, earthy white sage together with sweet grassy lavender combine in these incense for an aromatic experience, creating a calm and harmonious atmosphere for relaxation.


White sage Lavender options

Masala 16gr

The package contains 16 grams of incense sticks, about 12-15 pieces. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 30-45 minutes. Packed in decorative packaging.


The package contains 10 pieces of large backflow incense. The burning time of one incense is about 30-45 minutes. Packed in decorative packaging. Backflow incense is designed to be burned in its own dedicated incense holder.

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tribal soul

siinä yhdistyy kaksi minun lempi suitsukehajuani ja ne tuoksuvat ihanalta myös yhdistettynä aivan ihana ja pitkäkestoinen tuoksu