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<tc>Night and day assortment</tc>

<tc>Night and day assortment</tc>

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The night and day assortment includes incense for every moment of the day.

Night and day assortment options


The assortment has a total of 60 incense and includes the following incense:

A rather strong, deep and resinous mixed fragrance with hints of a strait-like aroma. Incense is suitable for many situations, such as dark evenings and quiet moments.

A deeply rich, mystical and pleasantly fragrant incense. The fragrance is slightly masculine and has refreshing properties. The fragrance promotes relaxation, clarity of thought and self-confidence.

The sun incense is a strongly resinous, sunny and uplifting fragrance that uplifts the mood. The incense is well suited for the living room and for sunny days. The special feature of the fragrance is spicy musk.

One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes. Assortment of 60 incense. search words: frankincense myrrh moon sun

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Yö- ja päivä lajitelma.

Hyvä hinta-laatu suhde. Suitsukkeet myös hyvän tuoksuisia.