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Mosquito repellent Colibri spiral Incense, Maroma

Mosquito repellent Colibri spiral Incense, Maroma

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100% Fair trade

Products manufactured by Maroma have been awarded World Fair Trade Organization and Certificates of Fair trade forum of India organizations. The WFTO certificate is intended for organizations that show 100% commitment to the principles of Fair Trade in their business.

The principles of Fair Trade cover e.g. decent working conditions, business transparency, fair wages throughout the production chain, caring for the environment, gender equality and much more. These standards are ensured by self-evaluation, mutual evaluations and external inspection.

As a manufacturer, Maroma is committed to improving the livelihood of economically marginalized producers.

Myrkytön hyttyskarkote eteerisistä öljyistä

Maroma Colibri spiral incense is a natural and chemical-free mosquito repellent made from essential oils and natural plant extracts. In the manufacture of incense, plants that are naturally unpleasant to insects have been used, such as e.g. lemongrass, cinnamon and cloves.

Effective protection against mosquitoes. The burning time of the spiral is about 8 hours. Made with care for the environment and social development.

Fair trade product, made in India.


Product content

Essential oils: lemongrass, rosemary, cedar, thyme, cinnamon, clove. Geraniol.
Does not contain chemical insecticides.


Operating instructions

Place the spiral in the supplied metal support.

Make sure there is enough space around the incense and that there are no flammable materials, shelves, walls or other heat sources nearby.

Ignite the tip of the spiral and extinguish the flame after a few seconds. Make sure that the incense continues to burn by smoldering and that smoke is produced.

Place the incense on a heat-resistant surface, for example a small plate, where the ashes can fall freely.

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