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Fleur De Vie

Flower of life Chakra energy Incense

Flower of life Chakra energy Incense

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Flower of life chakra energy incense is made from naturally fragrant ingredients. Incense is a mixed fragrance, the production of which uses essential oils of flowers, herbs, fruits and trees.


Chakra energy options

Incense sticks, 16 gram package

One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes. Packed in a packaging made of recycled cardboard with the symbol of the flower of life.


Flower of life

The flower of life symbol represents sacred geometry and is a powerful spiritual symbol. The symbol has been in use for thousands of years, since ancient civilizations.

At first glance, the flower of life may seem quite simple, but there is a lot of depth, detail and complexity in its petals. It is believed that this symbol contains the most meaningful and sacred patterns in our entire universe.

The Flower of Life pattern is created from nineteen overlapping circles. The pattern formed by the circles creates an image of perfectly symmetrical flowers. There are many variations of the Flower of Life, some with only seven circles. Many believe that the symbol of the flower of life represents the cycle of creation from beginning to end.

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