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<tc>Incense burner, Brass</tc>

<tc>Incense burner, Brass</tc>

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Tulen kestävä astia suitsukkeille, erityisesti suitsukepihkalle

Brass incense burner with fine details. The theme of the burner refers to an open lotus flower, symbolizing purity, innocence and enlightenment.

The material of the burner is brass and it is available in two different colors; with bright gold and reddish copper coloring.

The size of the smaller burner is about 6 x 6 cm and the weight is about 100 grams. The size of the larger burner is about 9 x 9 cm and the weight is about 250 grams.

When burning incense, safety is very important. This holder is fire resistant and thus an excellent choice for using incense resin. Fill the bottom of the holder with a small layer of fine sand or small stones to trap the heat generated by the burning coal.

Read more about incense resin in our blog.

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