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Eucalyptus Incense, Auroshikha

Eucalyptus Incense, Auroshikha

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Auroshikha Eucalyptus incense is a mild eucalyptus-fragrant uplifting and refreshing fragrance. The cool, fresh fragrance is created from genuine eucalyptus essential oil mixed with cedarwood, clove and jasmine oils. Ideal for relaxed moments and dark evenings.


Eucalyptus options

Eucalyptus incense is available in two different forms and packaging. Choose your own package from the menu.

Marbling, 10g

The Marbling package contains incense sticks with a net weight of 10 grams, the number of incense is about 10 pieces. The burning time of one incense is about 40 minutes.


Cone incense are pressed incense that do not contain bamboo slats. Incense must be burned on a fire-resistant surface. The burning time of the cones is about 30 minutes. search words: eucalyptus incense cone

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