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<tc>White Sage and Rosemary, Herbal Incense</tc>

<tc>White Sage and Rosemary, Herbal Incense</tc>

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Valkoisen salvian ja rosmariinin yhdistelmä

White Sage & Rosemary herbal incense contains pleasantly fragrant rosemary and purifying white sage. Together, white sage and rosemary form an effective combination.

The effect of white sage is mainly cleansing. Sage is often used in prayers and ceremonies, as it cleans the aura and environment and removes heavy energies.

Rosemary offers mental clarity and calmness. The pleasantly refreshing fragrance gives energy and improves mood. Together with white sage, rosemary is one of the best herbs to free yourself and your environment from negativity.

The size of the White Sage & Rosemary pouch is about 12 x 4 cm and the weight is about 25 grams. The bunch is tied together with cotton thread.

Origin: California, USA.

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