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White Sage, Blue Sage, Yerba santa Herbal Incense

White Sage, Blue Sage, Yerba santa Herbal Incense

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Salviakasvien sekä Yerba santan yhdistelmä

White sage & Blue sage & Yerba santa is an effective combination of three herbal incense for protection and combating negative energies.

The effect of white sage is mainly cleansing. Sage is often used in prayers and ceremonies, as it cleans the aura and environment and removes heavy energies.

Blue sage is a cleansing herb with a wide range of uses. Blue sage is widely used for cleansing purposes, it gives spiritual strength and is also used to remove negative energy.

Yerba santa is ideal for protecting and cleaning both yourself and your surroundings. It has a sweet and illuminating fragrance, but it can also smell a bit bitter. It has many positive effects on the body and mind.

The size of the White Sage & Blue Sage & Yerba santa pouch is about 12 x 4 cm and the weight is about 25 grams. The bunch is tied together with cotton thread.

Origin: California, USA.

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Marko Lasonen

Loistava tuote. Pitää todellakin pahan poissa kotoa.