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Pine essential oil, Frantsila

Pine essential oil, Frantsila

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Pinus sylvestris

Frantsila Pine (pinus sylvestris) essential oil is fresh and strong, dry balsamic. Pine oil has the refreshing power of the forest, which energizes, stimulates and sharpens concentration.

Antiseptic and disinfecting pine oil effectively freshens and cleans room air. It opens the airways. The oil, rich in antioxidants, relaxes and invigorates the metabolism.

Essential pine oil is extracted by dry distillation from pine cones.

Did you know that pine is the most common forest tree in Finland, which can live to be over 400 years old? Resilient pines may miraculously survive several forest fires.

Native American people used pine's powerful properties to prevent scurvy and filled mattresses with it to protect themselves from lice and fleas. Tar, pitch oil and turpentine are made from pine resin, among other things. The vitamin C-rich young buds of the tree are used for various medicines and herbs.

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