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Cedar essential oil, Frantsila

Cedar essential oil, Frantsila

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Cedrus atlantica

Frantsila Cedar (cedrus atlantica) essential oil has a fresh coniferous fragrance. Cedar increases vitality, sharpens concentration and opens the airways. In men's aftershaves, cedar is used to clean and soothe the skin.

Cedar oil can help treat greasy scalp, flaking and skin infections. A couple of drops mixed with oil to treat hair before shampooing.

It cleans, relieves swelling and promotes the circulation of lymphatic fluids. When added to massage oil, cedar has a warming effect.

Cedar essential oil is steam distilled from cedar wood, stumps and sawdust.

Lebanon cedar oil may have been one of the first oils extracted. The fragrance of the wood drove away pests, as did this cedar. The Egyptians used cedarwood oil for embalming, cosmetics and perfumes. Tibetans still use cedar in temple incense and traditional medicine.

Cedar oil was one of the ingredients of the ancient Greek mithridate antidote. King Mithridates, who was afraid of being poisoned, developed an antidote with more than 40 different herbs. The king is said to have taken the antidote every day and eventually became resistant to the poison.

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