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Black spruce essential oil, Frantsila

Black spruce essential oil, Frantsila

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Picea mariana

Frantsila Black Spruce (picea mariana) essential oil is a volatile oil that opens the lungs and disinfects the room air, with a refreshing and strengthening effect. Black spruce oil helps effectively in states of fatigue.

Essential black spruce oil is extracted by dry distillation from spruce needles.

The black spruce native to Canada and Siberia is a graceful and compact conifer with beautifully bushy, bluish needles. A tenacious survivor thrives even in harsh conditions.

Strong and light in structure, black spruce wood is traditionally used to make rope, and healing creams are made from its resin. A tea has been brewed from the spruce branches and needles of the tree, which has helped fight scurvy.

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