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<tc>Dreamcatcher 11cm</tc>

<tc>Dreamcatcher 11cm</tc>

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Decorative dreamcatcher, the diameter of the largest circumference is about 11cm.


Dreamcatcher options

  • Black / White
The rim of the dreamcatcher is designed in the form of a Yin Yang pattern and in accordance with the theme, black and white coloring. There are two nets and black and white feathers in the ring.
  • Multicoloring
The perimeter of the dreamcatcher is braided with multicolored thread. In addition, a smaller ring and brown feathers are attached to the larger ring.
  • Black, Pink, Red, Purple, Brown, Turquoise

Choose your own color from the menu. Monochrome dreamcatcher with three rings of different sizes, the largest being about 11cm.

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