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<tc>Dragons blood, Herbal incense</tc>

<tc>Dragons blood, Herbal incense</tc>

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Valkoisen salvian ja lohikäärmeen veren yhdistelmä

Dragons blood herbal incense is used for cleansing, sanctifying objects and spaces, strengthening self-confidence and raising sexual energy. This herb in question is actually white sage anointed with Dragons blood resin. The characteristic red color of the herb's emblem also comes from resin.

Dragon's blood is a resource against negativity and strengthens spiritual work. It is also protective, healing and strengthening, and is excellent for balancing energies and consecrating rooms and objects.

White sage is a sacred herb that has been used as incense for centuries in different cultures in purification ceremonies and in connection with prayers.

The combination of dragon's blood and white sage makes this herb especially magical.

Dragons Blood pouch size is about 12 x 3 cm and weight about 25 grams. The bunch is tied together with cotton thread.

Origin: California, USA.

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