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Purifying 10ml


  • 7,95 €

A delightful essential oil that creates a refreshing and cleansing atmosphere.

100% pure essential oils used in the manufacture:
Pine, Lavender, Rosemary, Green Mint, Eucalyptus, Ravensara, Juniper, Clove, Vetiver and Lemon.

Made from pure essential oils known for their therapeutic, restorative and aromatic properties. Add a few drops to the bath, herbal massage oil or use in an aroma burner.

Not for medical use. Undiluted oil can irritate the skin. Packing size 10ml. A fair trade organic product, vegan. Keywords: pine lave laven lavend lavende lavender rosem roseme rosemer rosemery rosema rosemar rosemary mint euca eucal eucaly eucalyp eucalypt eucalyptu eucalyptus juni junip junipe juniper clov clove veti vetiv vetiver lemo lemon arom aroma aromat aromathe aromather aromathera aromatherap aromatherapy spa fair orga organ organi organic vega vegan