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<tc>Hand of Fatima, Tapestry</tc>

<tc>Hand of Fatima, Tapestry</tc>

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We recommend hand washing by soaking the fabric in hand-warm water and gently scrubbing dirty areas with detergent.

The fabric can also be washed in a washing machine with a hand wash program at a low temperature and separately from other washable fabrics.

The first washes do not fade much the colors of the fabric, instead the colors used in the fabric can be emphasized and thus the contrast of the fabric may  increase. As the number of washes increases, dark colors may fade and the surface of the fabric may become slightly linty.

Hand of Fatima (hamsa) is a decorative hand-printed tapestry with the theme Hand of Fatima. The multi-purpose medium-sized fabric is suitable for its size, for example as a bed coverlet, tablecloth, tapestry, curtain or even a picnic blanket.


The meaning of Hamsa

The hand of Fatima is a powerful talisman that protects against envy and bad luck. It is believed that this symbol keeps people safe from the gaze of the "evil eye" and the negative energy associated with it. The hand of Fatima brings goodness, abundance, fertility, happiness and good health.

Made in India, material 100% cotton. The size of the tapestry is approximately 208 x 147 cm. search words: hamsa wall fabrics wall cloth wall clothes Mandala bedspread blanket

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