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A sweet, spicy and floral blend combining the scent oils of orange, carnation and storax.

Kalki incense has been developed using high quality vegetable based oils to achieve a balanced scent. Maroma's pursuit for perfect fragrance enjoyment is reflected in this product group as well, resulting in a range of spicy, floral and fruity incenses. Kalki incense has a balanced, down-to-earth fragrance that is well suited for meditation.

Kalki is Vishnu's tenth avatar. At the end of the modern age, he descends from heaven, riding a white horse with a glowing sword. This means restoring peace and order (dharma) to the midst of chaos and preparing humanity for the new golden age.

The incense is made from sandalwood powder, which has been saturated with essential oils. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 45 minutes. The incense is packaged in eco-handmade paper packaging.

Pack of 10 incense. Fair trade organic, vegan. keywords: oran orang orange clo clov clove spic spice spicy flow flowe flower orga organ organi organic vega vegan medi medit medita meditat meditati meditatio meditation