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Spiritual Gifts



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Mortar and a pestle used for grinding and mixing ingredients. This heavy black bowl is made of cast iron and is suitable, for example, for chopping fragrant herbs and incense resin before using them.

The mortar can also be used perfectly for crushing spices, grinding and mixing spice mixtures, and in other ways of cooking. However, it is important to decide the destination in advance; for example, chopped incense resin in a container is not necessarily a particularly tasty addition to spice mixes.

The mortar is small and easy to store. It has a simple timeless look and therefore never goes out of style. Cleaning the mortar is easy, washing with water and wiping the inner surface is often sufficient.

If the mortar is used in the kitchen, it is recommended to lubricate the inner surface with, for example, rapeseed oil. Oiling prevents flavors and colors from being absorbed from the crushed materials into the mortar.

The size of the bowl is about 10 x 6cm and weighs about 750 grams.

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