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<tc>Resin mix assortment</tc>

<tc>Resin mix assortment</tc>

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The resin mixture is a combination of wood and resin. Fine, rather strong fragrances are suitable for many situations and moods.

Resin mix options


The assortment of Hexa packages has a total of 60 incense and it contains the following incense:

A fine and elegant fragrance known for its calming effect. Perfect for the fragrance of the living room and bedroom and for the longer days of spring.

Relaxing and calming, resinous fragrance. Perfect for living room and hallway.

Precious Chandan is a rich sandalwood-fragrant incense from the prestigious precious line. Since the famous Vedic times of India, sandalwood has held a valuable position in the world of fragrances.

One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes.

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