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<tc>The Resin assortment</tc>

<tc>The Resin assortment</tc>

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Resin assortment is an incense assortment, for which rich resinous incense have been selected. Fine and sometimes rather strong fragrances go well together and are suitable for many situations and moods. The resinous fragrances are at their best in autumn and winter.


Resin assortment options


The assortment of Hexa packages has a total of 60 incense and it contains the following incense:

A fine and elegant fragrance known for its calming effect. Perfect for a living room and bedroom fragrance and for the longer days of spring.

Dragons blood is a very old resinous fragrance that has traditionally been burned to remove negative energy, for protection, to enhance sexual potential and to nurture love.

The resinous fragrance of frankincense has a lot of aromatherapeutic properties and an incomparable mood-lifting potential. Frankincense is one of the most popular fragrances to support meditation.


One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes. search words: meditation meditation meditation

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Hyviä pihkatuoksuja

Tasapainoinen lajitelma kolmea hieman erilaista pihkatuoksua. Lohikäärmeveri on kepeähkö ja raikas, kun taas frankinsensi on syvä, mausteinen ja mystinen. Kaikissa suitsukkeissa tuoksun voimakkuus oli sopiva ja muutenkin tuoksuivat hyvältä. Pihkojen ystäville tämä lajitelma on todella hyvä valinta.