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<tc>Mix assortment</tc>

<tc>Mix assortment</tc>

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The mix assortment contains incense for the soul searching for harmony. The assortment includes a wide range of incense from different fragrance groups as well as great mixed fragrances. Strong and warm fragrances are perfect for every season.


Mix assortment options


The assortment of Hexa packages has a total of 80 incense and it contains the following incense:

Feng Shui is the study of how the environment affects us and how we can manipulate our environment to improve our lives and well-being. The package includes all five elements; earth, fire, metal, water and wood.

Kamasutra incense is a fresh, exciting, warm and sweet fragrance. Creates a favorable atmospheric and aromatic atmosphere.

A wonderful incense with a sweet jasmine-like fragrance of the night queen flower and nuances of sandalwood.

The fragrance of Om incense unites the energy and sound of the universe. The incense has a delicate and light floral fragrance and is the perfect incense to support meditation.



The assortment of cone packages has a total of 30 incense and three aluminum bases for the cones. The assortment includes the following incense:

Dragons blood is a very old resinous fragrance that has traditionally been burned to remove negative energy, for protection, to enhance sexual potential and to nurture love.

Opium incense has a soft warm and slightly sweet floral fragrance. The fragrance of opium is suitable for dark winter evenings and seductive moments. Incense does not contain intoxicating ingredients.

Sage incense is best suited to support meditation due to its purifying and refreshing effect on the atmosphere. Sage is also often used to ward off negative energy. A fresh fragrance that lifts the mood.

One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes.

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