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<tc>Myrrh Incense, Auroshikha</tc>

<tc>Myrrh Incense, Auroshikha</tc>

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Auroshikha Myrrh incense is a traditional fragrance that is thousands of years old. Myrrh smells slightly sweet, spicy, with a hint of salami and is at its best when smoked in the morning right after waking up.

Thousands of years ago, myrrh was burned together with frankincense and sandalwood to create purifying energy.

Myrrh options

Myrrh incense is available in two different forms and packaging. Choose your own package from the menu.

Marbling, 10g

The Marbling package contains incense sticks with a net weight of 10 grams, the number of incense is about 10 pieces. The burning time of one incense is about 40 minutes.

Incense resin, 50g

Incense resin is pure incense in its traditional form. The bag of incense resin has a net weight of 50 grams. The aromas bound to the resin are best released with the help of carbons prepared for the purpose. If desired, the coarse grain can be ground smaller, for example in morttel.

Incense resin is burned on a fire-resistant surface, for example a cauldron or a ceramic fragrance lantern.

Read more about incense resin and usage instructions in our blog.


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