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<tc>White Sage, Herbal incense</tc>

<tc>White Sage, Herbal incense</tc>

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Valkoinen salvia (salvia apiana)

White sage (Salvia Apiana) is an herbal incense that has been used for centuries in purification ceremonies and in connection with prayers.

White sage is a strong purifying incense, opening the energy of the heart. Sage is often used in ceremonies, as it cleanses the aura and environment and removes heavy energies.

If you are burning white sage indoors, open a window to allow the energies to flow freely. Work on energy cleansing "from the bottom up".

White sage is usually smoked in abalone shell. Classical symbolism combines four elements when burning incense: the bark represents the water element, the sage the earth element, the burning incense is the fire element and the smoke represents the air element.

Use a non-flammable base when burning sage. The size of the sage pound is about 12 x 3cm and the weight is about 20-25 grams.

Responsibly produced sage, dried naturally. Country of origin: United States.search words: white sage white sage white sage

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Hyvä mutta vaikea saada palamaan.

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Sopii hermostolleni. Parvekkeelta pienen pakkasilman avittamana huoneeseen, vie pois tunkkaisuudet. Pienikin määrä riittää itselle.

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