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<tc>Musk Fair trade incense, Maroma</tc>

<tc>Musk Fair trade incense, Maroma</tc>

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100% Fair trade

Products manufactured by Maroma have been awarded World Fair Trade Organization and Certificates of Fair trade forum of India organizations. The WFTO certificate is intended for organizations that show 100% commitment to the principles of Fair Trade in their business.

The principles of Fair Trade cover e.g. decent working conditions, business transparency, fair wages throughout the production chain, caring for the environment, gender equality and much more. These standards are ensured by self-evaluation, mutual evaluations and external inspection.

As a manufacturer, Maroma is committed to improving the livelihood of economically marginalized producers.

More about encens incense

The Maroma Encens incense line is one of the best incense line in the world in terms of quality. Unique expertise in blending balanced fragrances into perfectly rolled incense leads to outstanding products.


Maroma's incense are unique, because each fragrance creates a surprisingly cheerful and refreshed state of being.

Myskin tuoksuinen reilun kaupan suitsuke

Maroma Musk Fair trade incense is charmingly balanced and grounding. The fragrance of musk has been used for centuries to strengthen self-confidence and sexuality.

Musk options

Encens, 10pcs

The incense is made from a bamboo stick and wood powder, which has been soaked in essential oils. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 40 minutes. Incense are packed in ecological hand-made paper packaging.

Product content

Musk incense contains: bamboo stick, wood powders, natural essential oils, e.g. sage, lavender and bergamot.

Package contains 10 incense. Fair trade incense, vegan.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jouni Pöysä

Pehmeä , miellyttävä tuoksu. Jättää Hyvän fiiliksen.

Tuija Yli-Säntti

Rakastan myskin tuoksua,tässä suitsukkeessa se on 99-prosenttisen täydellinen.

Tykkään tosi paljon!

Maromalla on tosi laadukkaita suitsukkeita, kaikin puolin täydellisiä minusta. En osta enää mitään muuta kuin näitä.

Tykkään tosi paljon!

Maromalla on laadukkaita suitsukkeita, kaikin puolin täydellisiä minusta. En osta enää muita merkkejä ollenkaan.