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<tc>Clarity Fair trade incense, Maroma</tc>

<tc>Clarity Fair trade incense, Maroma</tc>

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100% Fair trade

Products manufactured by Maroma have been awarded World Fair Trade Organization and Certificates of Fair trade forum of India organizations. The WFTO certificate is intended for organizations that show 100% commitment to the principles of Fair Trade in their business.

The principles of Fair Trade cover e.g. decent working conditions, business transparency, fair wages throughout the production chain, caring for the environment, gender equality and much more. These standards are ensured by self-evaluation, mutual evaluations and external inspection.

As a manufacturer, Maroma is committed to improving the livelihood of economically marginalized producers.

Reilun kaupan suitsuke aidoista eteerisistä öljyistä

Maroma Clarity Fair trade incense is a spicy and floral blend that combines essential oils of clove, orange and nutmeg.

Kalki incense have been developed using high-quality plant-based oils to create balanced fragrances. Maroma's pursuit of perfect fragrance enjoyment is reflected in this product group as well, and the end result is a range of spicy, floral and fruity incense. Kalki incense has a balanced, earthy fragrance and is perfect for supporting meditation.

Kalki is the tenth avatar of Vishnu. At the end of the modern era, he descends from heaven riding a white horse brandishing a glowing sword. This means restoring peace and order (dharma) in the midst of chaos and preparing humanity for a new golden age.

The incense is made from sandalwood powder, which has been soaked in essential oils. One incense weighs about 2 grams and burns for about 45 minutes. Incense are packed in ecological handmade paper packaging.

Package contains 10 incense. Fair trade incense, vegan.

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