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<tc>Thyme essential oil, Frantsila</tc>

<tc>Thyme essential oil, Frantsila</tc>

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Thymus vulgaris

Frantsila Thyme (thymus vulgaris) essential oil has a warm, spicy herbal, strong fragrance. Known as a traditional medicinal plant, thyme strengthens the body and mind.

Thyme's strongly spicy volatile fragrance oil is known for its properties that promote digestion and open the respiratory tract. Thyme oil can also treat skin impurities and acne and balance oily skin.

Thyme essential oil is water or steam distilled from fresh or partially dried leaves and flowering tops.

Thyme has been used for thousands of years in cooking, herbal medicine and as an aromatic oil. It is one of the first plants of western herbal medicine. In the past, thyme was believed to protect against evil forces and ward off nightmares.

Thyme is also a symbol of courage and respect. In the Middle Ages, women handed their knights a scarf with a sprig of thyme placed on it. The ancient Egyptians already mixed thyme with the substance used to embalm their dead pharaohs. Thyme is still believed to have amazing health promoting effects.

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